Our Sustainworthying Reference & Guidance Sources

Our Sustainworthying Reference & Guidance Sources.

Currently-expediently we take up
The Clash of  Civilisations and The Remaking of World Order 
by Samuel P. Huntington

and  Chapter One “The New Era in World Politics” page 30 :-
“Simplified paradigms or maps are indispensable for human thought and action …
If we deny the need for such guides…we delude ourselves.reality
For in the back of our minds are hidden assumptions, biases, and prejudices
that determine how we perceive reality, what facts we look at, and how we judge their importance and merits.
We need explicit or implicit models so as to be able to :
1,  order and generalise about reality
2.  understand causal relationships among phenomena.
3.  anticipate and, if we are lucky, predict future developments
4.  distinguish what is important from what is unimportant.
5.  show us what paths we should take to achieve our goals.   


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