‘Brexir’ now becoming a ‘bear-like-hugged’
UK public focal daily democratic duty 

it remains world-wide
and on a Longest-Term World-Future and Earthlife-Survival basis
little more than a “sad-sideshow-distraction”
———- in progress ——–

So –

what does the Whole-World Future look like ?


Well –

USA and China are “facing-off” ready for War to break-out between them ;

hina is already “winning” the Global-Power and World-Economics Competition –
Thu via its greatly-extended-and-branching-out “New Silk Road”
;and by its growing-financial and military strengths
both of which are literally being contractually “funded” by the USA !!

Thus the UK
could find its “best longest-term strategy” is
to begin as subtly-rapidly as possible
becoming a


In Progress

: – )