The Big, Bigger, and Biggest – Pictures


The Big, Bigger, and Biggest – Pictures . . .

what are they  ? ? ?

“stay-tuned” – we’re going to have a go at uncovering as many as we can.

Apart from the probable sub-surface human ‘driver’
that caused 52% of British referendum-participants
to want 
to withdraw from the EU
in order to
“…wash that man right out of my hair …”

i.e. historicly to


 In short, Britain’s “colonial-self-enrichments” and “war-winning-successes”
have not only begun to “wear-thin” both at home and internationally*

by being denied (1) Lifeplace Individual Human Development (2)

and whole populations worldwide are ‘stifled’ but as UN members our UK citizens having to accept
that the United Nations Organisation ot recognised Humankind’s fundamental civilised-need for Individual Human Developmen anisations has

  Probably starting with our Colonial ‘Looting’ centuries and decades

and their continuation today
even unalterably-constitutionally-set
to continue longest-term as main-supports to our
socio-political expectation
“we deserve, ‘we have-earned’ “,
5-human-livings each –
whilst also
having the “Right” to take-in from third- and fourth- world countries
eight or nine times more in goods and monies
than we export to the providing countries.