Our ‘Western’ & ‘World’ Civilisation Failure.


The ‘Biggest-World-Picture’
is one of an insidiousy-growing
this Earth’s overall Lifesupports
Humankind’s ‘ballooning’ populations’ and
demands and destructivities. 

The Earth and the whole human-world upon it,
has many bigger Predicaments going on
than Brexit can ever be –

and when any one of them “breaks-surface”
such ‘sideshows’ as Brexit.they will in very short and irresistible order be “swamped-out”.


 Both we and our so-called “Leaders” are “blindly” denying this Shortfall’s existence
and both further-fantasising
and militantly-trying to increase the causes of that
increasingly looming
‘Black-Hole’ Shortfall.

Further, neither our Leaders nor our People-Majorities themselves
are able or willing to
recognise and take further-enablements
by both bringing theirselves up to date
with already-published individual-human-development and holistic-health-building
and by learning new knowledge and know-how as it becomss available.


On-rushing civiilisation destructions and life-extinctions are still being ‘across-the-board’
Hidden  & Denied by
The UK Monarchic-Establishment,
by All UK Governments and Civil-Services,
by All UK Media,
by  UK Education and Information Services,
by All UK Workplaces
by All UK Communities and Neighbourhood Bodies
by Every individual British person or citizen I have informed about it .
{  PS No-one yet has replied to any of these EarthLife matters
which evidently are being publicly-shared

by this e-site http://lifefresh.net
and its two longer-standing and similarly not-for-profit, power nor prestige
support sites :-
which are being published openly and discussionally


Reading our Failure-Factors

between 5000 years ago :-
both currently and longest-term-futurely

Our Great British Colonial Era
was a long and suppressive ‘rip-off”
both of “helpless-peoples” by hard and even slave labour
and of their environmental resources and treasures.

Neither our Small-Select-Leading-Classes ‘on high’,
nor our intermediate social middle-classes
nor our neighbours, community-leaders,
further-educationists, religious-helpers,
doctors and nurses,
nor media-channels

are willing to become co-operatively and participatively aware of these  authoritarian malfeasances and suppressions.-

much less to constructively pro-actively strt doing and organising a

“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustain-Worthy-ing Movement-Improvement Movement”