Our Own


Our Own All-Round Wholesome European Cultural Legacy –

“sold-out to foreign inferiorly-invasive substitutes”


Our “leaders & governors” after WW2
abandoned our very own wholesome life-leadership by the following ‘treasonable’ actions :-

English Christianity continued to forsake its own 7-sacramental responsibilities and response-abilities
by increasingly failing to deliver direct to both church-members and outside non-religious lay-people
the model of our human first 21-years of divine-development

The ‘Quakers’ when asked “What’s the difference between Spiriuality and Religiousness ?” answered
“Spirituality is the individual human-beings direct-link and contact two-way with God direct;

whilst Religiousness is the “non-negotiable intervention” between individuals and God
by a non-negotiable hierarchy of large numbers of ordinary people.