Further ‘Sine-Qua-Non’ Basics

‘Sine-Qua-Non’ Basics: –

from the

1st Woman Medical Professor’s 1937 published leading-advance
“from both insi
de-and-outside-of ‘The Box'”
Mabel Todd’s
The Thinking Body.   

(“)  It’s all very well having a dead bony human skeleton in our surgery,
but what are we highly expensive but ‘expert’ doctors really here to do,
if it’s not to be
helping the patient-person
to move their-self
‘better’ –
and healthily’ …  (“)

From some further life-experience
-a-vis the 1st Woman GP to demonstrate
how many patients psychiatricly-diagnosed ‘Depressed’
are not ‘depressed’ but

Fatigued: progressively in four stages
1   Physiological body-part or parts fatigue
2.  Emotion(s) fatigue,
3. Mind-Function(s) fatigue.
4. Spiritual ( ‘life-essence itself’ ) fatigue.

This progression of Fatigue,
if not healed from its very beginning,
culminates in
“both legs sliding into the grave” – (spiritually -as well as mind-functionally, emotionly, and physiologicly
depending upon how effectively the affected-person
has dealt-with’ – ‘remedied’ – ‘healed’ –
every successive stage
from the first Physiological right through to the last Spiritual deterioration.


The various ‘kinds’ and ‘seriousnesses’ of
Poorliness, Illness, Disease, Impairment, and Disability
clearly act at primary Physiological level as a
“Fatiguing-Factor”  –


it appears that only a slight physiological-‘weakness’
can ‘trigger’ the onset, or worsening, of any further Emotional, Mind-Functional and/or Spiritual
Fatigue.  …



[to be further pursued}