need to be


can together begin.

In this “basics” Matter, you need to have found and purchased the sustainworthiest guidance-books
(lists appear in previous posts here
and in  and 

and it is a great help to have an experienced ‘helper’, even ‘wholistic-therapist’- “on-side”, too.


For instance, both the Medical-Mainstream and the Alternative & Complementary Health Sectors
are aggressively-inhibitive and destructive towards advances in genuine Knowledge-&-Know-How
being made by experts and ordinary-people’
outside of Medicine’s and Alternative’s own ‘closed-boxes’
and “non-negotiably-perfect ‘Purpose & Progress’ “.

In 1948 and 1978 three world-first-events show this “xenophobic-&-megalomaniacal” inhibitiveness
on the part of the “Best and Leading Authorities” :-
(1)   The UN Declaration of Human Rights (1948)
has not been even half-honoured by the world’s Nation-States.
(2)  In 1948 the UK “National Health Service” was so wrongly named