“Real-Needs & Sustainworthy-Hows” – versus – “Spin-Doctored Values”

What are these conflicting ‘needs’ and human-civilisation “rules-of-law” ?

We know we and our offspring will  go on needing

clean drinking water, clean air, balanced food, and many more basics; 

and some of us know that we need to have both knowledge and know-how

should and could we conserve and ration these needs
to be 24/7 ….. longest-term-future
both surviving
sufficiently thriving-without-wasting.


for over five-thousand years, our dominating civilisations and their constitutions and practices
have been enforcing fantasy-and-deluded-hierarchies
such that today we are literally insidiously extincting both this Finitely-Lifesupportive planet Earth and our very own Selves –

despite the fact that some of our own individual-human-minds
and small insightful watchful and researching groups
have been publishing details of these insidious-life-destroyers
and have been showing practical=know-how
for remedying them
and for re-forming our-selves and our civilisation
onto a longest-term-sustainworthy basis.