The Lethal “Limitations”

The immediately below “Civilisation-versus-Life” post –

e.g. in all –  ‘as-it-were’  –  Religious  sub-civilisations’  [qua Religions]

 constitutionally-and-enforceably there “has-to-be-set-up”
completely surrounding that Organisation and its Membership-Hierarchical ‘pyramid”
a “non-negotiable” and exclusionary barrier-of-limitations. 

The problem then becomes
an insidiously “new-life-inhibiting”
immovable-barrier and paralyser:

When you are enveloped by a “Perfect” Body –
you ot only don’t ‘need’ to learn anything new
you can’t 
–  you’re not allowed to !


The fact that Jesus’s biblical instruction was ( is ?) “… beware ‘backsliding’ …

and later so was Carl Gustav Jung’s advice to ‘patients’
to meet with their analyst/doctor/mentor/carer g
no less than three times a week but no more than four
expressly to prevent theirselves from unawarely
“slipping-back” into previously “wrong habits that felt right”* 

So  t hat  is our whole-human-developmental and civilisational

(jsdm  “especially on such ‘holy-days’ as Good-Friday ?”)

 ———— time to publish, and take ‘ourself’ home to our other ‘environmental-“chores”  ———–


[ see also Eric Franklin Dynamic Alignment Through Imagery ].