“Teddy-Bear” -ing

There’s a “human-behavioural reminder” that is fivefold “Creature-Comforts”-like,
but seriously ‘picturing’
(i) the material-needs (-cum-‘fancies’)
of a human-being
or of a human-organisation;

(ii) the relationship needs (of those human-beings)

like this:

totally focuses on its own material-need, totally disregards both the material and the relationship needs of the ‘other-player-or-party’

totally disregards its own and the ‘other-party’s’ relationship and material needs (by closing-down under its shell)

allows some ongoing ‘relationship’ by taking what it needs but leaving plenty (for it to come back for ‘tomorrow’)

‘sacrifices’ some of its own needs, in order to maintain the relationship, in situations where “your need is greater than mine”

maintains both its own and the ‘other-party’s’ need and the two-way relationship
[this ‘Owl’ may be ‘parallel’ with the “historical-human-archetypal” understanding of ‘Sophie‘ as being the “all-loving matriarch’]

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