“Self-Essentialities” – “versus” – “The Establishment” –

{One at a time – }

(1)  “The Establishment”
In this UK it is
the whole Constitutional, Legislative, Cultural, and Enforcement
of Royalty, Aristocracy, and both the “Upper-Class” and the servile-parts-&-peoples of the Middle- and Lower classes –

with their “pyramidally-shaped” quantities-&-qualities
of those “civilisational-essentials” –
i.e. their
their profiting-&-profiteering,
and their [‘pecking-orders’] prestiges

“The Problem so far, is the insidiously-increasing mass-deludings
stemming from insidiously-interwoven and the still ongoingly interweaving
but-inhibitive-and-destructive pseudo- historical-
virally fantasised-hierarchies
that have been made inaccessibly “entrenched” in Constitutions, Organisations, and Pseudo-Law-Enforcements …
i… continuable —–>
but we 
in the real-lifeplace
need to be newly-first-and-foremost
into the “Self-&Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movement-Improvement”
[that this not-for-profit worldwide-altruistic e-site both supports and promotes…]