Even making two equidistant lines is
“Parallelling” =

 not only “openly” but “closedly” – as would be a Gordian knot tied with two-stranded but not intertwined strings.


Now we can begin considering the ‘ins & outs of our

Self-&- Civilisation Co=Sustainworthying Movement-Improvement”
peacefully-reforfming-pro-activities and results
as being within a
“Parallel Civilisation”
relative to all the existing, traditional and fantasy-hierarchies
extantly interactive around the globe “today”.

[see The Clash of Civilisations by Samuel P. Hutchinson, USA 1996 – it shows maps and describes sujch civilisations.]


We need to be noting our own “existing” as well as “potential” parallelling possibilities

One’s ‘whole-person’ “life-set” (worldview and lifestyling-commitment)
one’s part or sub-personal “internal-parallelling/holistic-self-‘harmonisation’ ” [somatic-body-parts & abilities/inabilities/impairments/disabilities]
one-s external-world orientations, interpersonally (and ‘inter-civilisationally’)

One needs to be regularly or ‘situationally’ noting any parallelling possibilities,

[and thereto one needs to be uncovering pre-existing situational ‘valencies’, also] …


Parallelling” has become an absolute-essential,

practically at

all levels of human life and civilisation” …


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