Being Clear

“Workplace’ as 40 hours per week
‘Earnings’ as a ‘cost’ of lifesupportive-produce –
NB One human being needs just one human living


With £300 per week as a sufficient human-living
enabling its recipient to live
in the ‘Lifeplace’
by maintaining their-self
healthy, citizenlike, and environmentally-supportive –
any-one “needing”/”having-a-right-to”/ “deserving”/ “entitled-to “/
£600 per week “pay”/”wages”/”salary-instalment”/”reward”/”recompense”/
is (only) 50% lifeplace-personally-efficient.

“EARNINGS” thereby becomes not only an insidious mind-undermining “weasel-word-wastage”,
but a Life-destructive deliberate deception and delusion-builder
the recipient being in fact-of-life “free-gifted” £300 per week over-and-above
lifesupportive (and human-being-equality) need.