“Olds” as “News”

From one of your easiest basic body-positions

[such as lying, sitting, kneeling-on-all-fours, or standing] –

being equally balanced, and reasonably ‘straight’
-but ‘relaxed’and ‘at-ease’

your whole body
between being ‘closed’ or ‘shrunken-into-itself’ and ‘wide-open’ or ‘spreading-outwards’

siting relaxedly-upright and equally on your two sitting-bones

or standing upright and evenly on your two feet, knees slightly relaxed and flexible;

or on all fours such that you can slightly arch your back upwards like a cat about to ‘hiss’,
or downwards in the middle
a like cat or dog doing a long-body stretch
along the ground but still on all fours and belly not actual touching the ground, just arched downwards;


or on your back in the CRP -Constructive-Rest-Position’
(with knees drawn up say to 100 or 90 degrees (not acute-angled)

What we’re doing here is
in your own time” –
in multiples of five minutes
rather on of one minute, or just a few seconds,
be adjusting each of your continual re-positionings and ‘minimalised’ movements –

such that you can  keep on finding a balanced position
within which to try easily tensing (or ‘tightening’) then relaxing (or ‘loosening’).


===========  That’s all  ===========