Listing Our ‘Midwayings’

What’s the ‘rough’  position in our Alkalising-Acidifying Table of

[ as being now applied to a mixture of Singapore noodles, tinned green runner beans, mashed-coleslaw, and cheese-and-onion sandwich-filling – ]




Our ‘Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movement Improvement”
basic Life-Needs and Democratisational three-sided-table
now for
“Complete New Constitution Preparing”
(1)  Each bring a Guidance to be unanimously progressed into the New-Constitution
( into the cabinet under the hole in the middle of each such ti-partite table, for carrying-forwards into the successive Plenums )


looks like this :-


AB       ‘me’         YZ

‘me’ has brought, as first-up-front,
Awakening Somatic Intelligence” [Kaparo],
{ as being immediately practicable and representative of the whole new Faculty and Generic-Practice of SOMATICS }