“Catch” –

Multi-levelled cooperative-networking
primarily throughout all Lifeplaces
–  is essential
essentially-absolutely hereabouts in our
Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movement-Improvement
common-mind-functionally considerations and efforts.

for instance to correctly-identify and “root”
such a message as

“Waste Not Want Npt”
if you try speaking-out its more detailed “meaning”
there will quickly, if surreptitiously or slyly,
circling the whole world of potentially 8 billion intelligent human-beings :-


“As long as you never waste anything
you’ll never want anything



second only to the UK Careplan Service –
[e.g. costing £500 for a Sitter
to sit with a harmless old lady
for one day of maximum 7 hours;
but as long as she can get herself out of bed and out of the bath,
there is nothing else in her life-on-this-Earth that she needs a “Care Plan” to help her with  ] 




“Show Us The Way To Go Home –
We’re Tired And We Want To Go To Bed” 

… It’s Gone Right To My Head …”


Politician & Civil-Servant :
” You don’t need a head,
because we highly-paid professionals  provide all the thinking and the heads for that
so you don’t need a head …

Therefore you don’t need to go to bed either …”