“The Truth”

We need

.The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the (whole) truth.

So much onus –
(‘responsibility’ and ‘culpability’)
is being literally as well as “constitutionally-correctly”
on us by elite, hugely-highly paid high-ups
and by “The Law Profession” which works on the dictum “Ler’s you and them – fight” –

that you, being,  by-definition, a member of “us” and “we”,
need to “report anything that doesn’t feel right” to the worldwide Internet :-

e.g. many times a day it is announced or ‘gossiped’ that someone has “died”
when the truth is they’ve “been killed”.

Beware also of
friendly-fire” – your own troops accidentally shooting you in the back,

or your different-religion neighbours machining-gunning you as “ethnic cleansing“,

or your employer ‘giving-in’ at last to your longstanding wish to quit-the-job
“The Company is reluctant, but we have to let you go