The “Hijackedly-Hidden” Life- Key –

Never-minding any 40hrs/week “workplace”,


in the 128 hours Lifeplace



‘key-of-keys’ :

and is also always “trumps” ampersand “the joker”.
24/7 now we need to be
sustainworthily sustainworthying
EarthLife’s Needs & Values
“Our Own”.

This is a civilisationally-crucial, ‘sine-qua-non’,
which in a militantly-civilisational sense would be planned to be performed by
a defensively-armed and bayonets-fixed military ‘cordon’
around the whole-vulnerable-perimeter

such as on any Day
such as today
 Armistice Remembrance Day

(11th November annually in UK, Europe, and the USA)

when practically the main body of the ‘Western’ Nations’ –
establishmentarian, governmental, and essential-services Commanders –
along with majorly representative bodies of troops and civil-services,
will be themselves openly-vulnerable to selective-or-en-masse “assassinational-ambush”
and will have left their ‘underling-organisations’ also thus vulnerable.


Thus we should also have constitutionally established and ‘on-the-ground’
civil-and-neighbourhood community bodies such as
Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movement Improvement Bodies,
consisting of constitutional-threesomes,
in turn helping to ‘keep-integrated’
every ‘lone-individual’.

and such as neiiher the USA nor the UK is doing

but near-bankruptcy Spain has already done –

implementing a thorough-gong radical-reformation.
established to be far less-costly than “””NHSs”””
[“National-Illnesses, Pharmacology, and Hospitals Sectors”]
but as majorly-positive-Human-Health-Improvement services
a “Holistic Health Building , Leading and Supporting Nationwide Service”

that should long ago have been UN-established as a Worldwide Service,

OUR ‘VALUES’  (so-called)

,Our “values” especially
are long overdue for re-evaluative scrutinisation and :-t

take the UKs and the USAs
———- YET ——–and Medicine
Despite our histories and continuing-practices showing that
our “values” are those of “Piracies”

in that we (UK and USA peoples)
still are consuming and wantonly-destructively wasting
more than 5-times and 9-times our fair-share of this Earth’s and Other-Peoples’ productivities –

and are

 ‘prepared to go to war (again) to “defend these our -over-consumption “rights” “and “Values”


…………… to be continued   ……………..
especially also since
“we can’t provide any “Purposes”
“Once i was a fool and thought on these things, but now – face to face “……


This is
that we,
need to be fully facing-into.