World Democratisationally Peaceful Reformation

Current News intimates two competing World-Rule outcomes:

(1)  “As is”
with USA “worldwide-on top” militarily –
but neither economicly, democraticly,nor world-socially;
with the only future success possible being (what American academia’s published research is in fact very-potentially world-leading at)
“Peacefully-Revolutionary Worldwide Cooperatively-Participatory Democratisation”
“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Holistic-Health-&-Lifestyling Building.


(2)  “As also is ‘growing’ ”
with China already dominating economicly worldwide
preparing to politically-dominate –
even now already under new-autocratic Military-Mobilisation

including specificly for

“World War III –  beginning (already now ‘forming-up’) with China versus the USA