Tables of Three Dynamicly Triangulating 

is already the “failing-to-be-both designed and implemented”

primary essential

for Humankind to become wholely-responsibly
and response-ably

and formally-planning  
 our now Earthlife-Supporting, Conserving,  and Stewarding


39B is making a DIY prototype triangular-table
specificly for this “Self-&Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying” new-era;
and is expecting to be able to carry it
to some neutral-public-meeting-place (such as a park and/or undercover meet-able place)
well before Christmas this year (2018).

The threesomes need to be “tournament-like” interchangeable –

(Ideally) Each participant brings three-copies
of a Guidance in new knowledge and know-how
for all three to “work from the same page, line and words”
to begin and accumulate forward peacefully reformative progress
tin both Individual Human Development and Civilisational-Sustainworthines [“sustainworthying”].


{ 39B is able to bring more than one such “proposed new sustainworthy-civilisation foundational-guidances” set-of-three-copies –
 [and today is hoping to purchase three copies of Awakening Somatic Intelligence to add to this ‘reserve’  }