Consolidatory Summary

Consolidatory Summary
1735 for 1800 Monday 29 October 2018

  1.   Contrary
    to both popular belief
    Entrenched Constitutional Formulations
    [notably ‘Economics’]
    this Earth’s Lifesupports are not ‘infinite’ nor ‘self-renewable’
    and varyingly -timeframed so.
    Also contrary
    to both popular and world-governmental belief and ‘factorama’
    is the real-tact that our Human Civilisation has resulted in an insidikously runaway imbalance
    between our Population-numbers
    and our Civilisational-Lifesupportive Demands
    on the Earth and on our own ‘flawed’ abilities
  2.  our “the world owes us a Living” delusory-demands
    on both the Earth’s finite-‘carrying’capacity’.
    and our own Civilisation’s ability-&-willingness.
  3. Ability and willingness is essential, to not only “live within the Earth’s and our own Civilisation’s Means”
    but to preserve and conserve
    this Earth’s Lifesupports and our civilisaational necessities
  4. to last for the probable Longest-Term-Future of many thousands-of-years  .
  5. ============================================================================
  6. Here with “Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying

  7. we need to progress steadily in the ongoingly-multiplicatory Life-Place Ability of

  8. “Midwaying”

        [to be continued]