The British-&-Worldwide Cowardly “Not-for-Profit” “On-the-Ground” and “Through-the-Internet” Surreptitious Sectors
upon receiving a ‘promo’ email
from a so-called “Not-for-Profit Support’ but in real-life profiteering sector and ‘private’-business therein

has replied as follows :

The “Not-for-Profit” world-sector is,
in fact-on-the-ground,
just another “exclusive”  and isolationist  “front”

for the Non-Negotiable
” Can’t learn anything new, because we already know-it-all”
Your over-towering “Not-for-Profit” Sector is so
Deludedly Socially-Mobile Business Sector Sub-Servient
that it deliberately-legally excludes the likes of individuals such as me, running
Voluntarily-Altruistic and Not-for-Profit, Power nor Prestige e.sites :
And that Organisational Not-for-Profit Sector also excludes
the over 700 submissions voluntarily and not-profit humanitarianly contributed (by JSDMiles)
the UK Westminster House of Lords’s
small-voluntary-group of seated-peers’s
“two-way participatorily democratising and ‘verbatim’ ‘reach-out’ to The Public”.via
These ‘facts-on-the-ground’ show-up the British Not-for-Profit,
and the Worldwide-Internet Not-for-Profit e-siting too,
as being not only largely “snobbish and bottom-line-hiddenly profiteering”
Earth-life and Humankind Longest-Term-Thrival-Survival
and insidiously-hostile.
[“]  Those not supporting a peaceful-revolution are, wittingly or unwittingly, supporting bloody-revolutions”.[“] President John F, Kennedy.
There-under, the whole de-facto and by-default ‘fake’ – “Not-for-Profit Supporting Organisation”
from which you are
by force of Law
altruisticly-voluntary not-for-profit, power nor prestige
individual-publishers seeking to become legally-organised and registered,
( such as myself John Sydney Denton Miles and the above three e-sites  )
your “Not-for-Profitr worldwide sector
eminently qualifies
Itself –
and all of the sub-organisations it ‘affiliates’ to Itself
to be counted one-and-all
such “not supporting a Peaceful-Revolution” .