“Surviving Time”

Time –  like an ever-rolling stream –
Bears all its sons away –
They fly –  forgotten  – as a dream flies –
At the opening day.   “


Here in the little 39B upstairs bedsit-flat
trying most of the time
‘alone, alone, all all alone –  alone on a dead, calm sea’

‘making a worthier we-and-the-world’ 


“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movements” 

we wonder
“what on Earth this World can be “

and our nearest and peace-trying occasional helper
looks ‘down’ upon our “Sustain-worthy-ing” sources and guidances
and echoes our world-wide “leading” English language daily-response to
for instance the
“No-Lose Method III of Needs-&-Hows Recognition and Cooperative Problem Solving”
and its practical basic of
Threesome Triangular “round-table” Cooperatively-Participatory Democracy’s
best-possible human-communication & honest argumentation facilitation

and concludes

“It wouldn’t work –  we simply don’t have the Time for all that”.

================ and that     has to be     that ==================

A family of four were travelling —
father driving the car,
mother alongside,
and two energetic sons bobbing about on the back seat.

Another car suddenly roared past
and loudly tromboned off
into the middle-distance
and  around the next corner –

“He’s in a hurry” – flapped mother –


“Quick Dad” the two boys leaned forward to ‘encourage’ father –

But ‘father’ simply carried on at ‘cruising speed. –

Dad – quick catch up with him-“

(“Perhaps he’s a doctor out on a case -” now muttered Mum)

and Dad kept going at a steady safe speed.

———– [ end of story ?]  ——–


Rounding the next corner they saw a smoking car crumpled up against a tree just off the roadside –
it was “the probable doctor – out on an emergency case”

“He’s got plenty of time now”
murmured father.

Publisher’s Note:
That father had been a medical-student in Poland
but the Nazi invasion had consigned him to Auschwitz –

wherefrom,  although ‘survived’  he eventually emerged as a “bag-of-bones”

but met and was helped by an almost starved-to-death young Polish girl
similarly ‘trapped’ in that Nazi-Germany
who soon after married him –

and the peace-building-years  began to go by –

And yet – “dad” – now also Frank Blazejak working in Australia as a master carpenter –
sustained a workplace-injury
was wrongly diagnosed and sent back to work, where he collapsed –
with a damaged and partly ‘severed’ heart –
and was confined to bed where, after a whole year he perished –

and next morning the government Social Security worker came to the door with his accumulated  sickness-benefit cheque

but on being told (by Mum) that he had died
“Oh, that’s too bad – I am sorry”
but pocketed the cheque and “tromboned away” in his/her 6-cylinder  powered governmental car.


========== to this day “Mrs Blazejak”  is being kept locked-away in a British Care Home under a “Deprivation-of-Liberty” Order ==============