“Factuality” versus “Meaning”

The ‘fact’ of a ‘matter’ is its ‘physical-functioning, on-the-ground’;
whereas its ‘meaning’ is ‘a mere string of words’.


Let us also now ’employ’
the 3 (Three) Principles of Good Communication and Honest-Argumentation:
1  Be clear,  2  Be charitable,  3  Be self-corrigible.

Let us relevantly-recognise
the findings and advances in Knowledge and in Know-How,
made by our Predecessors and by ‘current-others’.

e.g.  Professor Joad
as he revealed his life and academic findings
notably through the weekly BBC Radio “Brains Trust” ‘panel’ programme
before, during, and for a short while after, World War 2.

“The Brains Trust”
was a good-humoured group of “top brains”
at a weekly round table
focusedly-conversing and seriously discussing
topics of general-interest
as well as one or two topics of great-import.

Many different facts and factors were naturally successively brought forward,
and “clarity” was easier to achieve than  “charity” – the latter requiring oned to recognbise anything ‘good’ or ‘sound’ in an opponenty6’s or othjer-participant’s contribution or comment.
[“Self-Correction” had long been thought to be the most difficult of the 3 principles to bring about.]

Anyway, Dr Joad’s ‘point’ always came after a few seconds of ‘dramatic’ often ‘ominous’ delay –
and then he would invariably say

“It all depends what you mean by _ _ _ _ _ _ _ “
and good-natured chuckling would ‘save-the-day’
– from the different and often ‘conflicting’ viewpoints
and awkwardnesses
that must follow such a challenge.

It must have been 50 years later that the ‘ensuing’ clarification came to mind –

that such a ‘point-of-order’ should be worded

“It all depends upon what is meant by _ _ _ _ _ _ _ “.