Sustainworthy- (ing) ‘Wasteful’ Weasel Words ???

Some “worthless” or “wasted” words
may yet prove “positive” or “positivising”
{qua being “morale-raisers” or mind-functional “de-conflaters”}

(go for your life ‘down-under’)

Either/Neither/ or both :-
“She’ll be right, sport”
“She’ll be right sport”.

Antipodeanly to the ‘down-unders’ :- namely “here up above in good old ‘Blighty'”
“Hells Bells and Buckets of Blue Blood, old scallywag, we shouldn’t so-wonder, “


Which may send us dutifully-deeper into “arguing the toss”
since God has to be kept being reminded to “save the queen”
therefore God is not a “voluntary United Kingdom monarchist”
and therefore is also a “worldwide-reluctant-royalist”
and therefore furtherly can not be much of a believer in
The Establishment –
namely, the Monarchic-Puppet-Pyramidal Buttress-Army
to be doing-the-job-of
24/7-ly repeatedly
having to be asked,
or mightily-majesticly ‘told’ [qua “reminded”]
by The Democraticly-Sovereign-People-Theirselves
to be all-about “saving the queen”..

But –
Comes also the Problem-Task
of “discerning”

just when, where, why, by whom, and what-for  –
any apparently “weasely-wasteful–word”
(a)  simply superfluous
(b)  deliberately time-and-real-purpose-wasting
(i) avoidantly-
(ii) ‘dutifully-elsewhere fully-focused
(iii) ‘studiously’ –
(as-it-were) ‘weasely’ procrastinatory. 

the word itself by now having become classifiable as a “Weasel” .
or “weaselish”


===================== Our case needs-must rest-for-the-night-hours ===================..