“Democracy’s the way to go though”

“Democracy ?  – ”
“- surely that too depends on what you mean by the word – “

 ———- (enter would-be Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying participant number 3) ———

“In the beginning
the intelligent Greeks tried to do Democracy –
it was too
and even then too
‘collectively unwieldy’ – ”

the English-speaking North-American nation-state president Mr Abraham Lincoln tried again
under the new “definition” of
“Democracy is government of the People, by the People, for the People” –

only unfortunately that too became ‘elite-minority-oligarchicly-domineered..”
It was the much-later Australian ‘stateslady’ Dorothy Green who next tried again,

“The purpose of Education is to make People self-governable”     – 

But –   

our Western-world ‘democraticly trustworthy Leading-Media headlined that as
“Green Declares People Ungovernable”
“And that’s that -”
[said the meeting’s Facilitator]

“until in 1978 The United Nations declared a democraticly-leaderful
“Primary Health Care”
for the whole human world”
three people* issued a detailed guidance manual called
Primary Health Care Together –
within which was ‘founded’ a Cooperatively Participative Democratic Practicum
and actually-practically begun
[notably by a Western-world small team under two of those ‘life-leaders’  (Mary and Susan) reaching out to villagers in Indonesia]

but –

our Western world ‘leaders’
‘shoved it all under’
the pre-dominating practise of one-way-top-down
“Primary Medical Care”.

       And that’s been the ‘democratic’ end of that ‘democratic’ effort ever since . . . except  (please see next post above)