The Crisis

The Life-Survival Crisis is Upon Us –

and is already imperceptively
slithering faster

down an
Ultimate Slippery-Slope.

The Big Problem
that we have neither

A consciously comprehendable


A Common Constructive Human Action Plan
for achieving that Purpose.


These three not-for-profit. power nor prestige voluntary e-sites
are here
to support, promote and proactivate
the kind of Globally-Peaceful-Human-Civilisational Reform
that for instance President JF Kennedy intimated when he said (to the world) :

(“) Those not supporting a peaceful-revolution are, wittingly or unwittingly, supporting bloody ones (“)

So here goes –
with our very possible and positive


(In a random order
– but each absolutely Vital
–  listing existing non-fiction publications and their authors
– and adding such note as may be ‘common-sense-useful’) :-

(1)  Perceptual Self-Control Theory & Practice  [Powers]

((2)  Mindset  [Dweck]
both books are newly foundational, and advance our human development knowledge and know-how
more effectively and non-wastefully than
the prevailing old Reinforcement Theory and the ‘Straight A’s’ Militantly Adversary Theory

(3)(a) Leader/Teacher/Parent/People Effectiveness Training  [Gordon]
(3)(b) People Skills [Bolton]
both  books are newly foundational, and promote clear-communication and honest-argumentation
and especially present the ‘Method lll’ of ‘No-Lose’ Cooperative Problem Solving.

(4)  Your Body: biofeedback at its best [without instruments, machinery or artificiality] [Jencks] – is packed with personal self-awarenessing explorations.
(5) The Complete Human Body The Definitive Visual Guide [Roberts]- is outstandingly complete in anatomy & physiology,. visually descruptive thoroughness, and therapeutic guidances.
(6) Effort  [Laban & Lawrence]  the all-round original and still world-leading introduction to the eight basic human-movements and their performance needs
[of Pressing, Thrusting, Slashing, Wringing, Gliding, Dabbing, Flicking, Floating, , ]
(7) Relaxercise [Bersin, Bersin & Reese]  –  Essential safeness and effectiveness in optimising your own body move-abilities
(8) Beautiful Practice [Forencich]  –  wholesome ways of “what to do”
(9)  Superimmunity  [Pearsall] – includes equally wholesome advice in “what not to do”

“last but not least”
two books to all-round strengthen and make-effective your personal and teamwork “Thinking”

(10)  How To ‘Win’ Every Argument  [Pirie] – by ‘spotting’ flaws and fallacies in others’ argumentations.
(11)  Six Thinking ‘Hats’ [ Bono] – how to all be using the same mode-of-thinking,
sequentially between Facts; Positives; Creatives; Risks; Emotionals; and Plannings.


There are many further new advances,
many being shunned, repressed or otherwise hidden-from-view
by Governmental departments as well as by Universities and Schools, often by Municipal Libraries too.

Please see Lists in  and