Britain To “Fall”

British Workers, Employers, Skills-Trainers, Governance-&-Civil-Service Workers,

and the whole “Education” Sector too,

to fall to being 33% less-competent, productive, and up-to-date
than (for instance) Germany’


someone also needs
to tell RT TV News’s ‘Boom-Bust’ serial ‘scrutiniser’

which is probably and literally-world-leading
but-still itself-needing some considerable “mind-functioning”updating, and de-conflating

[as do all News channels and printed Media]
{[ and Establishments, Governments, Civil-Services, Schools, Universities and Community-Information Channels ]}

{[(  probably “worldwide” and throughout the United Nations Organisation )]}


beginning today with an Holistic-Mind-Functions update
of both sense and meaning

Education in Lifeplace Enablements
Training in Workplace Skills.