UK’s Unreachably-Constitutionally-Entrenched, Life-Educational-&-Career-Training, Snobbish-Cowardice

Human Life especially needs

not only open multi-way communication
cooperatively-participatory-Method lll ‘No-Lose’ Needs-&-Hows Recognition and win:win:win [*] Problem Solving
A current ‘case-in-the-news’ spotlights a Spalding grammar school
both unable and unwilling to even respond to  public-media invitation
to comment on its
literally non-negotiably
punitive, stultifying, and persecutory
‘banning-of-bags’ and other harmlessly-normal lifesupportive things
from being into school.


[*] The Method III [**]
needs to exhaustively ‘figure-out’,
and include in their Plan A and Plan B,

the Needs-and-Hows of all those
who may be affected by the meetings decision
but who are not present in that meeting.

[**] See the original Teacher/Leader/Parent Effectiveness Training by Prof Gordon
and the subsequent People Skills by Prof Bolton ;

and possibly print-out a detailed 5-Steps sequence of practical Guidance
from this altruisticly-voluntary ‘s
similarly not-for-profit, power nor prestige’s support e-sites   and

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