UK BBC “Mental Capacity Bill” versus “Be clear, charitable, and self-corrigible”

“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movement’s

asks all people –

on a “requires you” basis –

to understand-and-act-upon
the compound-&-complex fact

the non-negotiably-constitutionally-entrenched
but destructively-divisive and inappropriate
in legally-physically-enforceable civil and personal use
for instance

“Needs – versus – Rights” *





“Unwellness – Illness – Impairment – Disability – “



“Human – Humane”

“Holistic” – “Somatopsychic” – “Psychosomatic”


NB If you have ‘health’ you surely have no problem;
it is when you have Illness that you have a ‘problem/issue’

“we all know what ‘Mental Health Issue’ – “means”” –

even when practically none-of-us know the on-the-ground
of either ‘health’ or ‘illness’ or “care”

 the living fact is that that these enforceable
“mere strings of word-‘meanings’ ”
are longstandingly inappropriate to the ‘facts-on-the-ground’
and actually cause subsequential wrong-interpretations, diagnoses and treatments

and in a multiple-real-sense are iatrogenicly Injurious to all concerned .

all of this
and worse
is ‘buried beyond reach’
in many UK Constitutions-

such terminology is most-desperately needed to be brought into
this ongoingly-changing-for-the-better World
by not only faithful verbal representation
but by video-&-sound film and dvd back-up evidence.


———— to be continued ———-
 * “Needs  versus  Rights”  –
The need comes first;
.the ‘right’ is a ‘legal permission to legally-satisfy that need’.

Clearly now,
we first and foremostly need
publicly visible-and-checkable
lists of “Needs”.-

otherwise any ‘Right’ becomes unfounded, ‘spurious’ …