Global Communication-Blockers – People-to-Governance & Business-Workplace Organisations & Individuals

“And it came to [not] pass – ”
that government departments
and certain large-companies
and landlords such as Affinity Sutton Housing Association [now called Clarion Housing]

literally “enslave” and
‘oblige” employees
to use their individual-personal-and-private mobile-phones
for their Employers profiteering business and customer/client dealings and contacts.


These are our so-called
Free-World, Democratic, Individually-Capitalistic and “Private”
(but monopolistic and adversarily-destructively)
“companies”  and “civil-service-departments”
not only making employees provide “No number” one-way contact to, but not from,  the client/customer/tenant/subject
failing to provide employees with a company-mobile-phone

which not only could but should be ‘two-way-communicable’ with clients/subjects/

——————– pause :  the kitchen-sink waste-outlet started leaking into the underneath cupboard nearly two weeks ago and the Clarion Hopusing Manager reported this leak and fedback that the emergency repair department would be dealing with it – the sealing-fitting having become faulty (“fair-wear-and-tear” ?) – Also my connected laundrey-machine could not be water-disconnecvted because that too would leak somehow – Also ‘years-ago’ I reported a faulty bathroom cistern leaking – and was told “That’ your tenant’s responsibility” – so I got a “private” plumber who came quickly, failed to find the leak but wrongly identified it as being “the bath, you’ll have to have a new bath fitted”, then charged £118 for that visit alone – and disappeared.

That same eveni ng I happedned to glimpse a drip from the cistern, and quickjly graced it to the handle – and ‘fixed’it by putting a bucket underneath.  Later my computer technician advised “propping up the ball” to limiot the high water level, and (of couyrse) that’s been working ever since; I somehow can’t bring myself to trust any “private” plumber.

Now, Clarion tells me I must have a private plumberf to disconnect my out-of-use laundry machine in the kitchen; and must also “go private” to fix the lavatory cistern leak.-

Wait — hark —
the Clarion plumber has arrived ————-