‘Difference-ing’ ? – same as ‘differentiating’

Life-essentially – “yes, often/seldom – but not always”


A World-View analysis of WW2 ran more-or-less as follows now:-
If the Third Reich had ‘won’ that war it could have become ‘sustainable’ for more than ‘a thousand years’ –


our Allies’ non-negotiable finding was
that Third Reich was not nor ever would become

and a clarificational note on “differentiate” ‘versus’ “difference”
in Mathematics the term must be verbally ‘to differentiate’
‘to difference’
– the latter being generally limited to an expressive mode in the [English] human-language.
and in the different sense of “making a difference”

Thus today we now have this, our both “virtually-sharing” and “body-practicing ‘holistic-health-co-building’ Practise” :
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