No-Man.s-Lands ? or Gibran-Median-Strips ?

Your choice again –

Increasingly now, there are not only material brick, and barbed-wire walls
being hecticly built between more and more of us “The People”

but communication-blockages

and both physical and spiritual contact barriers


There are some open-spaces still between many of us –

and it may be possible to make more –

yet there remains the deeply-domineered “choice” –
even on grounds where ‘shared-spaces’ and ‘egalitarian-communication-channels’ are both needed and possible

choice between for instance
“Militant-like No-Man’s-Lands”
and “Peace-supportive Kahlil-Gibran-like ‘Open-Median-Corridors and Strips’ “


———— Who’ll run with this baton now ? ———–.

Let us begin to ‘aloudly-voice’ here
some of the ‘connectives’
that still are ‘planted’ between us  –

“You don’t have to answer this question-
not even ‘though it is an urgent Life-Vital-Issue not being dealt with by any-body else.”