The [Our] World-Viewing Problem

“What’s your view of the World ?”
may be distinct from
“What’s your World-View ?”

We’re trying to find some suitable graphics and guidances
to help us in understanding any “World-Views”
“how any-one ‘finds’ the World to be Naturally and Civilisationally

and what one’s own ‘world-view’ may already consciously be
or can now start being formed.


“geographicly”, “economicly”, “militarily”, “politically”, “human-developmentally”, “populationally”, “lifesupportively”, “personally”
and “historicly” –
including perhaps “currently”
“unfinished historicly” [book: An Unfinished History of the World” by Hugh Thomas]

1830  —– pausing ‘poised’ – – – while we find ‘graphics and guidances’ ———>