Why didn’t we see it before !

” In the beginning was “A Thing” already made-up of “lesser things” ” –

“In our co-human beginning came “A Word for that Thing” –
and successively also a Timeframe
within which came names for that Thing’s lesser-things “”


there had also but before-the-beginning been a Void – a “Surrounding Nothingness” –

and after-the-human-beginning
there had also begun becoming
a need to be accurate
in our shaping or re-shaping – and/or in our making – of both “things” and their descriptive or definitive “words”.


either unexpectedly or unawarely or both
the tendency of the “surrounding-nothingness”
to become ‘interstitial’
to appear-to-be a “surrounding-somethingness”
began to be experienced* for what it is, namely a “viral-debilitator” pathogen
[“virus-like human-life-itself-debilitating-and-self-extincting-‘-‘pathetic news gen’ “] .

* this ‘experience’ itself also now having been insidiously-infiltrated by a “sub-thing” posing as a big Thing –
namely when “perception”  in Courts of Law Rules-of-Evidence
is in point-of-fact (‘merely’ and ‘dismissably’)
a “mistaken fantasy interpretation” 


Thus also now comes In-Progress
“The Rule” :-

“Words” must faithfully define and describe the things they ‘belong’ to and ‘indicate’.  

“Mindlessness” is not usually mind-mapped along with “Mindfulness”

and neither are either of them actively or expressly “friendly” to their essentially-surrounding “Bodyfullness”
to theirs even greater “enveloper” of Selffulness”
and its active verbal present-tense-continuous 

{From How Green Was My Valley we have, at least some-of-us,  ‘gleaned’
the domesticly-covenantal phrase
Go scratch

and that’s probably a good-enough Holistic-Health-Maintaining-and Further Building way to begin establishing one’s ‘whole-of-life’


    [  Self-Nurturing –  of one’s sevenfold “innately-divine-human-energies-in-motion” – ]

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