• and de ‘Mess’
    b 4 d
  • 0500    newss
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxx  and  recording the ‘new’ xxxxxxxxxxxx
    0550  but it appears my Humax freeview rcorder did not ‘obey’ the record button I pressed and it acknowledged
  • A BBC  “For Facts Sake” (“brownishnesses”)

‘Pawsing’ occasionally  –

whilst they the Brownyish-Chair and the Ex-Spurt Pan-el, and the laughing-audience begin to

[jsdm thinks they are also  ‘into’  playing with someone else’s “thingy-me-jig” –
(‘fingering-me-jig’ ?) – – –
 [“think of me ‘jig’ ]

but they’re already onto FACT HUNT  0518 Tuesday 16 October 2018 and FFS has told us “bananas curl upwards to the sun”

[… and many other creatures do the same”  Flanders & Swan, already mentioned “At The Drop Of A Hat” … ]

Just A Fact   has ‘Josh’ a gymnastics-teacher  up from the audience –

but they’ve found people pour hundreds of pints of custard over their pudding – –
and they’ve all gone over to “The Lab” to ‘further-search or experiment” … 0525

======================= jsdm votes  “sustainworthiably carryable forward” as he goes off ===============-