Our Thrival-Survival Essentials

Our Thrival-Survival Essentials

need to include
[randomly at first]

(1)    An externally-shared “notional ringed round-table”*

(a) Progressively-Applicable Essentials and Guidelines.
for the Practical 
Design and Written-Constitution
a Sustainworthy-New-World-Civilisation 

(b)  ‘Sharing’, and co-developing, our individually-personal and common World-Views

(c)  ‘Sorting’ [Evaluatingly, Morally, and Pragmaticly]
the different “Sustainworthies” “Less-Sustainworthies” and “Non-Sustainworthies”.
into qualities-&quantities and priorities-&-timeframes of

(d) “Prioritising”,  and ‘sampling’ –
food, drink and holistic-health-helping
foods, drinks and products-informations

(e)  (open to further inputs)



Sunday-Sapienta* in England

Hymn:  Ten Thousand Times Ten-Thousand
[“In sparkling raiment bright – The armies of the Christian Saints – Throng up the steeps of light -“:

10,000 x 10,000 = 100,000,000  –  100 million ?
Today’s homo sapiens sapiens population approaching = 8 billion = [80 x 100-millions] ?
(i)  Does the United Nations realise this ‘worldwide must entails 80
[compatible or not-yet-compatible] “armies-of-homo sapiens sapiens”
(ii)  Do any of these 8 billion human-beings understand this ?
And if so, how-many ?
and at what “Sustainworthing Civilisational Levels & Effectivenesses ?

 ————–the Overarching 1st Order heading of Sapienta [human co-reasoning] might be  “Formal-Argumentation & Moral-Reasoning in Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying” ————


Essential Language 
(1)  “All English-Speaking people will drop from their talk as many “T’s” as possible,
and insert as many “so so’s” and other weasel-words as possible –
e.g. “ Oh! I am really really so so here-and-now !!!

(2) Throughout British Police Forces and the Entire Governmental, Judiciary, Popular Media, and Education Systems, will be understood the following
(a)  ‘Perceived’  means ‘misinterpreted’, ‘imagined’, ‘fantasised’.
(b) New terms such as “pop-up brothels” are of 100% higher-priority than such failed-historicals as “holistic-health-buildings” –

 (3) “Little Things Mean A Lot” should be as sustainworthy as “Great Oaks From Little Acorns Grow” – or vice versa .

(4)  We should perhaps also be considering the matter of
such mind-functional security monitorings as do reveal contrast and even conflict between
for instance
minding the matter”
being English-civilisationally “the case” –
long before the current questionabvle “improvement” of
“being mindful about or of the matter”-