“Overlapping” and also “mindly comparing versus contrasting” including some “co-dreaming”

One might think this is “something new”  –
that one’s dreaming or day-dreaming
seems to be “overlapping” or “interacting” with someone else’s –

and that
that other ‘real-life, possibly even ‘nearby-neighbour’ person’
is willingly “co-wishing”
to be combining,
together with you-your-whole-personal-self.,

the two indoor domestic life-supportive activities of
(i)  the kitchen sinkful of washing-up
[qua almost ‘super-impositionally-with’]
“social-self-co-awarely self-perceptually-exploring
whole-body-skin palpating –
or merely gently slowly ‘smoothing’
or ‘self-pleasuring’ –
one part at a time –
even slowly-video-clip-like intermittently ‘masturbating’.

Now, ‘jsdm’ (thank you) submits that
this is a quite high-priority Life-Matter to be “co-countenanced” here.


Classical Life-Education
[not so much”Universities Career-Trainings”

used to contain the major topic of

(“) Literatural Gender-Interactivity-Symbolism”  – focally in the ‘work’ of Goethe (“)
(jsdm note:  but also in such ‘work’ as Robert Graves’s The Greek Myths [in two volumes]
.- and noting also
that Graves was commissioned
by either The Spectator or The New Statesman
to record his ‘findings’ of
apparent-death’ – specificly including in relation to the “death” of the Christ Jesus.

We as “Humankind On Earth” are so “light-yearsly” lagging behind
in both our Self-Human-Development
and in
our progressively-neighbourly-grouping for Life-Co-Education

that  it is high-time for each of us to start imagining this separate
and especially how this would need to be ‘staged’ and ‘conducted’
in androgogical learning-groups.


We.ve been succeeding in beginning “longlasting hugging” – of course, with all of our clothes on        . . .     🙂