“Negotiating” the “Non-Negotiable” Interfaces

It’s not just that
“There is a crying need for progress
between the non-negotiables
in our Neighbourlinesses
as well as between our
Nations and Alliances/
and our Warring-Armies-“

“Negotiating” the “Non-Negotiable”
[with their oh! so very many different Interfaces]

but now that very crucially

need to pitch in,
one pair of non-negotiables-at-a-timeto
negotiating our many and different “non-negotiable interfaces”

“One Day At A Time …”  –  “suite Gee-It’s-Us”.



English Society,
from top-to-bottom
and back again from

is still very much a
“No Touch Society”.

A ‘painless’ way of quite rapidly ‘breaking’ this ‘stand-offish-ness’
is through “thirty-seconds hugging” :

any two people, even complete strangers, can simply simplify their hugging
by each remaining tolerably close together
in a kind of “patiently-relaxed waiting-mode”
until each feels their hitherto “unconscious bodies”
now quite swiftly feeling better supported by
and ‘at one with’
the ground under the feet;

–  and this might take more than thirty seconds too
Your present publisher here first experienced this ‘longer-lasting-hug’
In Lismore NSW Australia
whilst I was visiting
an “Alternative Living Share Centre”
‘donated’ as-it-were
by one ‘Edith’
and a small group of ‘Serious-Life-Experiencees’.
(mostly I suspect on ‘permanently low-incomes- but ‘healthy & happy)

I was ‘nervous’ as I entered the ‘main living- room”
but Edith stepped towards me, arms held outwards slightly, and said
Hug please”
And so I did, no problem..

After just two or three seconds I did the ‘normal’ thing
of leaning away and taking a step backwards

but Edith was holding on –
simply steadily “holding on” –
not ‘squeezing’ at all
nor even in any real sense ‘moving’ at all, except for the rise and fall of the breathing,

so I swayed back into that ‘established’ hug –
and  – still somewhat ‘awkwardly’,  also just ‘held on’..

After perhaps 5 or 10 seconds more, I felt a ‘new’ kind of ‘central energy stirring inside me,
itself kind-of reaching down to the ground
– to The Earth Itself’s ‘immensity’ perhaps –

and ‘relaxation’ started coming –
in the sense of ‘down-tensioning’
or ‘loossening-easily’

And after 30 seconds or so, a male member came into the open doored room –
and “naturally” came and “joined-in”

And thereafter two womenfolk also arrived,
and likewise we again shifted ourselves a little, for them to also ‘join-in’
and truly make it
a “group-co-healing-hug’ !


Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movement

feels pleased now to be be recommending 

” … longlasting co-healing-hugs …”