An Educationally-Rhetorical Question :-


.In UK Taxpayers’ Monies Expenditure situations

such as the harmless but getting-frailer war-wounded little-old lady
who needed a Sitter for a few hours once a week

to enable her voluntary-unpaid part-trained
[but Governmentally-required 24/7}
to attend further education or training in Totnes [there being none in Plymouth)
in individual-human-development
for the increased benefit of human society generally,but for his caree, and for himself more immediately

Local Government arranged for a young woman sitter
who had no carer, nurse nor medical training, just ‘sitting’,
on the minimum wage
(no more than £7 an hour in 2013)

to sit with the old lady from day a week, for a total seven weeks.

For that 7 hours, Plymouth City Council invoiced Westminster Government £500.00 

Notional Participatively-Democratic Scrutiny Question:-

“Surely a local Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Trio, and plenum,
could have put such a hugely ‘disappeared’ £450 of taxpayers’ money
to better and much more effective longest-term use ?”

publisher’s note:
Multiply that single ‘little’ instance
of Tax-monies-wastage by the millions-per-day
of even higher invoices by higher-paid Welfare Civil Servants and Contractors, Carers, Nurses, Doctors, Lawyers —–>  and aren’t we looking into £Billions-of-Taxes being wasted-away ?