Our Life-&-Existence-Extinction-Crux is Now Upon Us.

What are

not “what might be”
“what do you think should be”  

our individually-personal & collectively-universal
Responsibilities and Response-abilities  

and especially-focally
what is

our agreeable and agreed

Longest-Term Purpose 

as a Human-Race ?


We have no commonly-agreeable and agreed

Longest-Term Purpose

neither on this Earth. nor for any “Next”.
How then can we 
face and ‘enjoy’ our present predicaments
The Future Overall-Looming One-Huge Destruction & Extinction Predicament ?

Surely there must be “Lifeplace” minimum non-fiction “text” books
to both educate and train ourselves for sustainworthy-living 128 hours/weekly

as well as
Workplace skills-training places and non-fiction materials for-and-in the 40 hours/weekly Jobs-&-Careers Workplace ?


Here we are proceeding as a
“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movement”
“World-Peoples’ Peacefully-Revolutionary Sustainworthiness Pro-Activation Network”.
Today Monday 08 October 2018
we could do well utilising just three such additional-new foundational guidances
for self-and-neighbour cumulatively cooperative and co-sustainworthying  Lifeplace living enablement :-  

Your Body   [Beata Jencks]

People Skills  [Robert Bolton] 

The Decisions Book  [Krogerus & Tschappeller]


jsdm   0703  break for environmental and self maintenance ‘chores’  ———–