Humankind-Sustain-worthy-ing – Wholesomely-Exhaustive Criteria & Practicums – Desperately-Urgently Needed

This article may look like “just another lot of wishful words”
so we shall condense it as soon as we can


please devote a few minutes to “ploughing through it”

 for we really do need

Wholesomely-Exhaustive Criteria & Practicums
for sorting the “non-worthy”
and “limited-timeframe-worthy”
from the “longest-term-sustain-worthy”-
in our human-civilisations
throughout the lives of our ~8 billion individual-&-class-competitively-organised human-beings
-on this Earth-Now
for The-Longest-Term-Future

really are


Desperately-Urgently Needed  

not just
by the biggest and most powerful
of our human-organisations
in both ’40-hours/week’ Workplaces and ‘128-hours/week’ Lifeplaces


in the daily and hourly lives of  each and every
individual-&-personal one
of our 8-billion [-and-runaway-over-populating ] worldwide humankind population.

What more quickly establishable
participatorily-democratisingly all-round-effective

than to form “neighbourhoodly-reliable-discussion-trios”
neighbourhood plenums of such trios
and on “upwards” through regional and national Plenums
into not just the existent Nation-States Centres and United Nations Assemblies
but into addirionally new and peaceful-reform-supportive and pro-activating

“Sustainworthy-&-Sustainworthying ‘Bottom-Up’ Peoples World-Governance Monitoring and ‘Shadowing’ Centres.