How Sustainworthily-Valuable Has [e.g.] this Not-For-Profit. Power nor Prestige Altruistic E-Site [] Been So Far?

I thought of responding to Naomi Klein’s invitation to send her an email with any information I thought relevant to the cause(s) she tackles;

and to ask her the above heading question –

but somehow it is “hidden”, “barricaded” behind “we get too much email and stuff”

and then gets “blocked” by having to open a Twitter or suchlike account first..

that whole multi-peaked “socially-mobile”
world-socio-governance fantasy-hierarchically-privilegocratic Pyramid

continues increasingly ripping-off the Human-Civilisation-Purse and the Earth Lifesupportive Environment 

by demanding grossly-excessive and multiple human-livings –
as if they were each many  more than just one human being !