The Worldview Round-Table

The Worldview Round-Table
consists simply of a round-table
upon which any-one personally,
and any size of group or population “egalitarianly-collectively”
can collect and “make a map of”
representations of the existing Components of the World

and perhaps also
arrange them “prioritously”, “preferentially”, or “inescapably” .


Thus one would probably need to place one’s own dwelling-place in te centre of the table
‘build’ a “compound-wall’ around it – of one’s own essential-places, lifesupports and boundaries.

As well as
making a surrounding distances ‘map’ on an importances and urgencies basis.

jsdm:  thinks it important to see the existence and functioning of “the World”
as well as formulating one’s own personal ‘view’
of what the World “is”
and maybe of “what the World ‘should-be’ “