“If …”

For instance,


it is a Greater Compound/
maybe Complex
[both overarching and underlurking
our much lesser European and Brexit predicamenrs]


(1)  Americans (300 million residents) are wanting to consume
even more
than the now established “traditional”
900% more-than-their-fair-share
of the Earth’s Resources and other Nation’s Produce
that they currently “need” and “enjoy”


(2)  British residents (65 million) are likewise “needing” their similarly “traditionally-established”
500% more than their fair share of the Earth’s Resources and Other People’s Produce
to be increased (maybe to 600%) in the immediate-term and through the longest-term future.

(3)  Whilst China (1,600 million consumers) consumes 10% more than their fair-share –
but is quite rapidly securing an economic-control of the world –
has appointed a new autocrat to presidentially/emperorly
rule them
deal with all the rest of the world’s nation-states, biomes, and Peoples
Financial Control
(from the USA and the American-Dollar)
and possibly Militant Primacy from the United Nations  … 

  • ———  we ‘break’ for our established “Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movement” fresh-movements & ‘chorings’———-
——– [ Better also ‘be advised’ that there are further “greater-than-Brexit” threats to our overall future ] ——-