“Fit-for-Purpose” Membership

One has both voluntary and compulsory memberships:
one’s citizenship is compulsory,
so might one’s trade-union membership be;

but one’s membership of a religion or NGO should be voluntary;

and we expect that such membership will be truly lifeplace & personal-ability enabling
of the individual member..

When an organisation deliberately fails to provide,
or withdraws,
that enablement from any member
that is tantamount to “ex-communicating” that person.
Instantially, when an Anglican church rejects a person’s [Christian] service
and further excludes that person from entering and from worshipping within the church building or buildings,
that is tantamount to ex-communicating
that person
the service they provide (to other members) within the church.
Now as we consider a similar person,
but ‘outside’ of such particular long-established organisation,

making a commitment to join with others
in a “new” collective-movement
descriptively named

“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movement; 

we come face-to-face with a “double-barrier”
caused by the respective “non-negotiabilities” of the two “Objects-of-Association”.

Quite simply put, 
one needs to quit one or the other.
[ Even Jesus-Christ advised the world that “No one can serve two masters”]

One naturally ‘obeys’ the dictates of the long-established organisation:

and quits it.