Prioritising –
both Earthlife’s
and Humankind’s

FACTORS  (1 to n1: Positively)

one-human-living –

[and needs it  for only the timeframe between her/his birth and death].

FACTORS  { [n1+1} to [n1 + n2] Negatively: Things the individual does not “need”}

in the world(i)  Individual or Family ownership of Infrastructural or otherwise “Collectively-necessary” property [e,g, domestic housing]

(ii) Individual ‘Ownership’ of Workplace skills
[Skills (Workplace-wise) actually belong “collectively” to the whole human civilisation on Earth ongoingly
and are managed qua “owned” by the Employer who,
in turn,
needs-to-be [should be] paying for their establishment
[all schools & universities training and education* as well as their maintenance]

  •  Remembering the findings in the USA senior professors’ ‘audience and report-to-the-public’
  • “You can become the best doctor (or lawyer) in the whole world
    without any education whatsoever … ”   
  • But what you must have is
    the very best Training
    and the best Timely-Job-Placements.
  • You won’t need any Education. 
  • ————- we ‘break’ for self-&-civilisation co-sustainworthying —-jsdm—- 1930 Thursday 27 September 2018 —-