IN-DIVIDUAL ?   INDIVIDUATION ? [see also the human-mind work of CG Jung]

In some real-life-living sense such as “an individual lifeform¬† or species”
“as just one-human-being not two”

we need to continue the “singular indivisibility” of the term.

However, so many “things” –
including “the human-being” as well as other lifeforms
are possibly “dividual” – [they can each be “divided”]

it might just behove our Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying progress if we
under a 1st Order heading of

possibly calling into very serious question the “truth” of such terms as
when the greater issue is
“divided body, divided emotions, divided mind-functions, divided spirits
– and divided-environments/habitats/personal-lifesupports”