Foundations are put-in at every level of Human Civilisation – and ever further “new” ones too.


One such here is the

“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movement”
based upon the Rationale

 (1)  One human-being needs just one human-living.
(2)  EarthLife needs to be kept in a bio-living-surplus wherein
(3) Humankind and its Technology needs to peacefully-revolutionarily & constructively-minimise
instead of destructively-maximising (as in the Past and Present and Currently-Still-Being-Planned-Future.
its “harvesting” of Lifesupports.



(4)  The Multi-Establishmentarian “Old, Present and Future-Planned” human-numbers
of World & Global Organisations, Alliances, Nation-States,
and of their many millions of puppet-governance-&-management-committeess
commanding billions of both voluntarily-self-abrogated & one-way conscripted members,
all virtually powerless and/or helpless human-being-‘members’ –

needs to both voluntarily not-for profit, powert nor prestige


and to be
“continuously helped to move-over”
thus allowing the Peaceful-Revoluition to thrive and helpfully-grow
as it were
“alongside” rather than “under”
that Traditional-Old-Growingly-Gargantuan
One-Eyed and Destructively-Militarily-Almighty
“Human-Domineered-&-Under-Destruction World”..


With better-self-movements
such as shown by the Sources and Guidances listed through this e-site
and its supportive e-sites

we can each nurture all our own innately-divine energies
and go forward mutually-nurturing each other
whilst also “c-sustain-worthy-iong all otheres around the World in Humankind-Civilisations.

Our new and “sustainworthying” foundation-building has not just one kind of Logic-&-Reasoning but three
1.  ‘Rock’-Logic [maintains a rock-static state]
2.  ‘Water’-Logic [needs to flow to fill many different and often continually or continuously changing shapes].

3.  A “Third”-Logic  …



more later on ————– jsdm ———- and ——— as parts of our Suistainworthyingly-‘floating’-foundation’  too   —————– 1322 Wednesday 26 September 2018-