the Workplace
the Job-&-Careers Training Places in The Lifeplace
[namely in the schools-&-universities falsely still misnamed “Education” places]

are domineeringly-‘owned’ by

 “The Privilegocraticly-Protected and Profiteering 
& the Overarching
Oligarchic ‘Monarchic’ Establishment
{posing as a ‘Peoples’ Participatory-Democracy’}  

it is those super-wealthy Bodies and Individual-Capital-Profiteering Hoarders
who should be
wholly and totally
for such Training
in Schools, Universities, and Other-Jobs-&-Careers Training places.
Remember what the USA senior professors
told their middle-class audience who wanted to know “the two most prestgigious careers ‘to put their children into’ ” –

“You can become the best doctor, or the best lawyer, in the whole world –

without any Education whatsoever

provided you get the best Training and the best-job-placements and Timings”.

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